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To obtain the Cancellation from the list of “bad payers”, it is necessary to make absolutely obligatory passages.
The moment you go to request a loan from any bank or financial company and, needless to say, you have received a refusal, the reason is undoubtedly one of the following:

1) You do not have any of the income requirements that can allow you to obtain it.
In fact, when the loan is requested, it is necessary to ensure that the latter is not too high in relation to the income you receive. Otherwise, this will most likely not be granted.
Again, and it is always very good to clarify it even if it may even seem superfluous, if your income derives from a job that cannot be demonstrated, in simple terms “in black”, needless to say, it cannot be taken into consideration. In fact, there is no evidence of operation or even continuity of earnings.

2) From a strictly economic point of view, it is already extremely busy with all the other banks or financial companies so as not to pay, according to the listing of the providers, the deadlines set by further loans.
Always keep in mind that the maintenance of the family unit, the rent or mortgage of the house and other items that contribute to decreasing the availability of income is also considered.

3) You have immediately complained of checks or bills of exchange.
Unlike the two reasons previously communicated (points 1 and 2) we do not refer to negative reports, even if the loan could easily be refused; we were just talking about income issues. This and the next paragraph (points 3 and 4) represent, on the contrary, two negative elements that are then very badly placed. Again according to the assessment of the banks and the financial institutions, towards the applicant.
As long as you are full of protests, it will be absolutely impossible for you to be able to take home a “normal” loan without trying to use different strategies and outside the usual canons used to circumvent the obstacle.

4) When you are faced with one or more negative reports at the relative databases (now called SIC- Credit Information Systems), almost always,
the motivation is, with absolute certainty, the most recurrent. Given that we are talking about the lists of “bad payers”, the names of many millions of Italian citizens who have not paid or, more simply, have only paid with a guilty delay one or more installments of a loan.
In this case, always referring to what was said in point 3 regarding the use of different strategies, the only solution will always be to continue towards the cancellation of the denial reports where the conditions, based on the privacy code, allow it.

Online lenders for poor credit: get fast cash

When a bad payer goes to the bank to ask for a loan, the banks warn of some distinct types of loans aimed exclusively at bad payers: Surely, the most used is the sale of the fifth. Through the sale of the fifth, in fact, it is possible to obtain loans even if, to request it, it is a bad payer. This is because the salary of the applicant (if he has a fixed paycheck) is a much more than sufficient guarantee for the bank to grant a loan.

Those who cannot count on a fixed monthly salary may find it more difficult to obtain a loan for bad payers. In this case, there can be two solutions: using one’s assets as a guarantee of the loan, or resorting to a guarantee, which provides for the intervention of a guarantor who is responsible for paying the installments if the debtor is unable to meet his obligations with the bank.

Obviously, bad payers are also in online loans. But how to request online loans for bad credit? We explain how to request an online loan for bad credit at Citrus North home page. 

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